ActiveSchools – ActiveKids conference

Enterprise and Innovation in School Sport, PE and Physical Activity
A one-day event on how innovation, leadership and enterprise
can contribute to improving the way we provide sport, PE and physical activity in schools
20th April 2016
English Institute of Sport, Sheffield

Real stories and successes to be told, lessons to be learned,
ideas and experiences to be shared

Have you got a great story to tell, then please get in touch

The way we deliver sport, physical activity and PE in schools is changing…

The way we deliver sport, PE and physical activity in schools, and other educational establishments, are constantly evolving adapting to developments in the political landscape, changes in the tastes and outlooks of young people, economic factors and a constant flow of innovations.

The infra-structure providing sport, PE and physical activity in primary and secondary education is changing. So, anyone involved with providing sport, PE and physical activity in schools and colleges is faced with a number of changes, opportunities and challenges.

Also, as many new sports and activities are becoming increasingly popular among young people how do schools adapt to that? Do they stay with the traditional sports or do they introduce new ways of doing sport and physical activity in order to get more students active?

So, who should deliver sport and physical activity? PE teachers, external coaches, coaching agencies, national, governing bodies, sports clubs and community sports trusts are just some of the options. Not always easy decisions for the school.

At the same time, there are several schools and community colleges where both education and community sport benefit from a more joined-up approach, often in relatively small communities.

How do the school-club links work? What have we learned from the satellite clubs? To what extent are our community sports clubs geared up for working with schools and welcoming these potential new members into their clubs?

Physical activity and sport can help improve educational attainment…spread the word

There is also increasing evidence that sport and physical activity can be great tools to inspire young people who may be motivated by traditional educational environments and methods. Many schools and external providers, such as community trusts, have experienced good outcomes linking up sport and physical activity with improving educational attainment with challenging students.

School sports facilities can help grow community sport and generate school income…
There is also increasing focus on how sports facilities at educational establishments can be used to contribute to the growth of club sport and community sports participation by being used by the wider community. This would also help generate additional income for the schools.

The way educational sports facilities is governed make a big difference. Whether they are operated by a private sector company, in-house, a Leisure Trust management or managed out of hours by the local authority or some hybrid model, will make a big difference in the way the facilities are being managed. And this will then also greatly influence the community use of the facility.

Leadership and innovation are key

There is a challenge for schools in demonstrating leadership and development. Particularly those with Academy status where the assets are no longer within the local authority’s sphere of influence teachers are increasingly being asked to become business development experts.

Personalities and relationships are key. There is a need to establish good relationships at a senior level between schools, clubs, local authorities, NGBs, clubs and others. Of course, it’s difficult to plan and legislate for people getting on but there are many cases where getting people in the same room and getting them to understand each other can metaphorically move mountains.

A conference presenting best practice and innovation from the real world…

This is a conference presenting solutions, ideas and experiences…growing a network of people interested in providing better sport, PE and physical activity in our schools in a welcoming and enterprising way.

This event highlights best practice and provides thoughts, tools and to-dos on how to deliver really great school sport and PE.

This is not a conference packed with policy presentations. We hope people will leave the event knowing they have heard some great practical ideas and having learned how to make positive changes of their own.

Conference delegates will be representing a range of roles including: operators of school and college sport sites, County Sports Partnerships, School Sports Partnerships, School Games Organisers, PE and school sport advisors, private operators, governing bodies of sport, sports clubs, social entrepreneurs, community groups, primary and secondary schools and local authority senior sport/leisure officers.

Topics covered could include:

• What is the priority for sport at your school…performance, participation, educational attainment, ticking a box?
• How does school sport become more innovative and in tune with young people’s lives
• How to engage with young people and listen to their voice as consumers
• What are the pros and cons of the different ways of delivering sport, physical activity and PE
• How to work with external providers
• How to engage with parents to deliver better school sport
• How to deliver both competitive and non-competitive school sport
• How to improve the coaching and consumer experience in school sport
• How to build better links between school sport and your community and their clubs

Whether you have a suggestion for a presentation, want to learn more about the event or want to book a delegate place or exhibition space, please contact us.

The Organisers

Sports Marketing Network is the UK’s leading provider of information and advice on how to make community sport more vibrant, visible and viable and visible sharing best practice across all sports. We publish newsletters, organise seminars and help providers of sport and physical activity with their commercial, communication and community activities.

We partner and work with a large number of organisations from sportscotland, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London Sport, Cricket Scotland and many others.

Other conferences organised by Sports Marketing Network include: Enterprise and Collaboration in Community Sport (Cardiff, Edinburgh, Belfast, London), Enterprising Ass

Contact Svend Elkjaer, Sports Marketing Network, 5 Station Terrace, Boroughbridge, YO51 9BU, 01423 326 660,

et Transfer, Enterprising Disability Sport, LikeaGirl.


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