Grow Your Cricket Club

We’ll help you raise cash and get more fans

The Cricket Paper today launches a campaign to boost our grassroots cricket clubs in their aim to become more vibrant and visible helping them to attract more members, funds and spectators.

We have teamed up with Svend Elkjaer of Sports Marketing Network to bring you a feature every other week with stories from clubs with ideas for your club to use.
Svend has considerable experience working with 4,000 community sports clubs, including dozens of cricket clubs. He has worked with the ECB and is currently working with Cricket Scotland, developing and delivering their Thriving Clubs programme.

Community cricket clubs are facing strong challenges in order to survive and grow in an increasingly competitive and demanding market. How to attract new members and retain the existing ones, become a hub of the community, grow sponsorship revenue, improve the social life of the club, increase media coverage, benefit from new technology and introduce new revenue streams…are all pressing concerns.

Other sports providers are also facing similar, significant challenges – how to deliver great sporting and consumer experiences in a welcoming and sustainable way.

There are now great opportunities for cricket clubs to play a much stronger role in your local communities, benefitting your club, your sport and your community.

Community cricket needs to adopt take the best from successful social enterprises and the hospitality sector.

Most of the best initiatives within community sport do not come from ‘the sports establishment’ but from sports entrepreneurs who often have to get things going, without the suppoirt of the system.

The Grow Your Cricket Club programme, run by The Cricket Paper and Sports Marketing Network will show you how to introduce these new cultures and skills. If you have got a good story to tell, do get in touch with Svend on either 01423 326 660 or

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