Get going with these baby steps…you move forward, you learn, you succeed

Many of the community sports that we have been so fortunate to meet, tell us how much they benefit from applying a ‘making it happen’ approach  They keep doing new things, learn from them, warts and all, improve, get the courage to try other new initiatives and gradually they improve their situation, on and off the pitch. Importantly, they are having fun…

Others tell us that they are still ‘talking about it’, that things are difficult these days, you can’t get volunteers, that football/rugby/hockey are stealing all their players, so what’s the point.

We find clubs of all shapes and sizes in both groups. However, we do come across more complacency in ‘once-great-clubs’ than in any groups. However, I am certainly pleased to see at least a couple of the big clubs, accepting the need for change.  They then have a change of personnel on their committee – they embark on the baby step route and move forward.

The problem is that the clubs within both groups are right. Until they accept the need for change the complacent clubs will be stuck, discussing and complaining, while Rome is burning.

The ‘making it happen clubs…well, they keep doing the baby steps!


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