Sport for Social Good conference

A conference designed to raise awareness, share ideas and experiences, encourage a new culture and develop relevant skills

5th July 2016, Britannia Stadium, Stoke City FC

In partnership with

County Sports Partnership Network

Stoke – European City of Sport 2016

Building communities through sport growing sport working with communities

“Sport has an incredible power to do social good and that is what our new strategy is all about. We will invest in sport and physical activity that shows how it can have a positive impact on people’s lives, how it brings communities together while ensuring it continues to make a significant contribution to the economy too.” Foreword to the UK Government Strategy for Sport.

The Government’s strategy for sport and physical activity moves beyond merely looking at how many people take part. In the future, funding decisions will be made on the basis of the social good that sport and physical activity can deliver, not simply on the number of participants. Success in sport will be defined through five key outcomes:

  • physical wellbeing
  • mental wellbeing
  • individual development
  • social and economic development
  • economic development

It is clear that there is a fundamental mind-set shift from looking at the number of adults playing sport to looking at how sport can contribute to national well-being and the economy. There will also be a focus on those people who do not tend to take part in sport, including women and girls, disabled people, those in lower socio-economic groups and older people.

For many ‘traditional’ sports development professionals this new strategy will require a significant shift in the way they work, and they will have to develop a much-improved ability working with providers of community and commercial sport and physical activities, with a wide range of non-sport partners from health to regeneration and with different levels of government.

          For innovative and enterprising providers and partners within sport and physical    activity, the Sport for Social Good strategy represents a massive opportunity for     growing their enterprise and impact             

 There is recognition that sports organisations play an important role in increasing physical activity levels through enabling access to sport. Sport has an incredible power to create social change. It can have a positive impact on people’s lives, it can deliver social outomes in areas such as health and wellbeing, skills, confidence and it brings communities together.

More people and organisations are looking beyond merely at how many people take part in sport. Increasingly, funding decisions will be made on the basis of the social change that sport and physical activity can deliver, and not simply on the number of participants.

This is about more than just being passionate about sport, but also about harnessing the power of sport and physical activity to bring about positive changes in society. If we understand how to encouraging people to take part in sport, we can help to improve people’s lives, particularly if they come from disadvantaged backgrounds.

This conference will bring everybody together

Real stories and successes to be told, lessons to be learnt, ideas and experiences to be shared

 If you have a good story to tell, want to learn from others, book a place, want to join our network….get in touch

A one-day conference which will highlight best practice, successful collaborations, great case-studies from trailblazers who are already practicing sport for social good and experts within specific areas, such as measuring outcomes and working with non-sport partners.

This conference will bring together partners and providers covering topics such as

Understanding the mind-shift from looking at the number of people playing sport to help grow the national wellbeing

  1. Developing relationships with funders and partners including physical and mental health, economics, education, employment, individual and social and community development
  2. Diversifying your funding and income generation by identifying new revenue streams
  3. Growing your network by building relationships and develop ways of securing a bigger slice of the cake, a bigger cake altogether or both
  4. Help to develop long-term sustainability of your programmes by training and upskilling local people in their communities
  5. Sport for change in a Digital World – Engaging with people using social media and ‘speaking their language’
  6. Evidencing impact: From logic model to videos -– how to prove the value if your work speaking the language of the funders

This event focuses on these issues, highlight best practice and provide thoughts, tools and to-dos on how you too can become a sustainable provider of sport for change.

Delegates will come from community sports clubs, governing bodies of sport, local authorities, community sports trusts at our professional and semi-pro clubs, informal sports providers, community sports enterprises, community groups and other community sports providers and community organisations.







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