Sustainability Model for Community Sports Clubs

This is the title of the workshop given by Campbell Roy, Scotland Manager, Sported
at the Power of Sport conference. That takes place on 15th June 2016 at the Royal Society of Edinburgh and focuses on how Scotland’s community sports providers can benefit their communities and increase their impact.

What makes community sports clubs such a powerful catalyst for positive change is that they are plugged into the needs of their local community and thus are able to engage with the most disadvantaged young people. The volunteers who run these organisations and open their doors to the local community, provide young people with a stability and consistency that is all too often lacking in their young lives.

The only things these inspirational people sometime lack are the networks, know-how and resources to be able to sustain the work of their clubs.

Sported have made good progress in defining sustainability at the level of individual community clubs and are in the process of adding definitions relating to the sector at large.

This workshop will discuss the core elements that contribute towards sustainability and look to encourage organisations to think beyond their immediate viability needs and consider what they require in order to become truly sustainable over the longer term.

Prior to his current role, Campbell gained wide ranging experience across the business, sport and charity sectors as well as witnessing first-hand the power of sport as a Sported mentor.

For further information contact Svend Elkjaer at Sports Marketing Network, email or call 01423 326 660.

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