How Bradford’s Police Summer Camps engage with 1200 young people through sport, fun and life skills

This is the title of the presentation given by Chris Cahill, PC, West Yorkshire Police and Nosheen Qamer, Team Leader/Project Manager, Bradford College at Sport for Social Good – the new strategy for sport in England on 5th July 2016 at Britannia Stadium, Stoke City FC.

This conference is designed to raise awareness, share ideas and experiences, encourage a new culture and develop relevant skills. It is about Building communities through sport and growing sport working with communities

Chris Cahill started a ‘Fun Week’ in 2009 which focused on a small area in Bradford with 40 attendees. He joined forces with Nosheen Qamer in 2010 and ‘The Police Summer Camp’ was born; it has developed in to a large, multi-agency operation covering the Bradford District with the capacity to engage with 1200 young people, aged 9-15 years old, over a four week period. The programme consists of Sport, Fun and Life Skills, delivered by the partner agencies with a robust referral system in place to work with youngsters who may be considered ‘at risk’ by the various services involved.

This presentation will cover how this multi-agency approach has helped develop these innovative camps which have also reduced anti-social behaviour and have allowed youngsters aged over 16 to gain valuable work experience and to develop their employability skills.

PC Chris Cahill initially worked as a PCSO for eight years after leaving Bradford College’s Public Services Department, Chris developed the original concept to tackle anti-social behaviour in East Bowling.

Nosheen Qamer has worked at Bradford College for 13 years in a range of roles including Curriculum Team Leader for the Public Services department, Nosheen is currently the Project Manager for Police Camps.

This conference will bring everybody together

Real stories and successes to be told, lessons to be learnt,
ideas and experiences to be shared

Delegates will come from community sports clubs, governing bodies of sport, local authorities, community sports trusts at our professional and semi-pro clubs, informal sports providers, community sports enterprises, community groups and other community sports providers and community organisations.

Sports Marketing Network, 5 Station Terrace, Boroughbridge,
YO51 9BU or email Tel 01423 326 660

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