How to use innovation and enterprise to create #MoreActiveStudents

This is the title of the keynote that I will presenting at BUCS’s conference on Partnership & Participation which takes place in Birmingham on  25th October. For further information go to

The presentation will cover how most students arriving at university is one of their biggest life-changers – time for change, challenges and exploring something new.

Students already involved in a particular sport will normally join that university sports club, but for other students being involved with sport and physical activity is just one of the many options they have for having a great student experience.  University sport operates in a competitive market.

So, how do you develop activities and environments that students will want to join? How do you ‘speak their language’ and engage with them on their terms? Should student sports clubs be run by people who ‘love’ their sport or by people who understand people and enterprise? How do you ensure that your sport and physical activities engage students beyond being ‘just sport’ and become an integral part of their university life?

This keynote will challenge your perception of what university sport is about. It will replace the concept of ‘sports development’ with ‘sports enterprise’ where we develop and deliver vibrant, visible and viable sport and physical activity that people will really want to be part of.

Using practical examples and easy-to-use tools Svend will ensure that you can apply his ideas and suggestions straight away.

Svend Elkjaer, MBA, is the founder and Director of the Sports Marketing Networrk, a recognised leader in developing innovative and enterprising solutions within community sport and physical activity.

Since 2005 more than 4,000 people from clubs, County Sports Partnerships, governing bodies, leisure centres, community groups and enterprises and other activity providers have participated in SMN’s seminars and events.

SMN has also advised, consulted and run training programmes for a number of organisations and public bodies including the RFU, FA, England Golf, England Volleyball, Sport Wales, England Netball, Welsh Rugby Union, Badminton England, British Gymnastics, ECB, England Squash, Rugby Football League, Football Association of Wales, England Athletics, a couple of dozen County Sports Partnerships and 45+ local authorities from Edinburgh to Merthyr Tydfil.

Indeed a few universities have also used Svend’s thoughts, tools and to-dos.



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