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If Sir Richard Branson ran cricket…

Many cricket clubs are reporting a decline in membership and precarious finances. The sport perhaps has an image of being less dynamic and responsive to society trends. Sorry, cricket, but this situation has been exasperated by the credit crunch. I’ve … Continue reading

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Managing Projects in Community Sport

An interactive and engaging workshop on how to deliver successful community sports projects that really work Most people who work in community sport and leisure deliver projects on a regular basis; some are successful, some less so. Community sports projects … Continue reading

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Keep budgeting simple and get everybody involved.

In most clubs I have come across, budgeting rarely takes place and if it happens then it’s something that the treasurer does and then presents to other people. Wrong! Determine what you want to achieve with your club over the next … Continue reading

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Involve both artists and administrators running your club and facility

We all like to be with people like ourselves – we feel safer and more comfortable that way. A club or facility run just by administrators runs the risk of being boring and unwelcoming. However, if you only have artists in charge … Continue reading

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Love and processes are simply not enough – you must have a model for innovative, enterprising and sustainable income generation

I am writing this with the BBC’s coverage of the torch relay running in the background. I think even the most cynical of people have been amazed with the support and interest there has been for the torch relay during … Continue reading

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Which way forward to grow sport? Entrepreneurs, committees or both?

A few days ago I ran one of our Grow Your Club workshops .There was the normal mix of single-sport clubs, multi-sport clubs and also a few dance/aerobics teachers running their own enterprises. As per normal at our workshops the … Continue reading

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Announcing Sports Enterprise Network

the Network for entrepreneurs delivering sport in the community from Sports Marketing Network The time has come for community sports entrepreneurs Increasingly sport and physical activity in the community is being delivered by people and organisations which operate in parallel … Continue reading

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How to overcome complacency and introduce real urgency (Steps 1 – 3)

With the help of a few quotes from Wayne Gretzky (in italics below), not just widely regarded as the best ever ice hockey player but also his intelligence and reading of the game were unrivalled (see box below), I would … Continue reading

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Some key points to seriously consider for successful sports entrepreneurs

You are in the experience business: I guess most people who read this would say they work in the sport and active leisure sector, but in reality your key role is to provide great sporting and customer experiences which people … Continue reading

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We must build enterprise capacity in our community clubs

For years ‘sports for sport’s sake’ has been the mantra for many (too many) sports administrators. The thinking was that somehow funding would arrive out of the blue, new players and coaches would turn up, regardless of their personal circumstances … Continue reading

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