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Founder and DirectorSvend Elkjaer holds an MBA from Copenhagen Business School and had a successful career in the media and events industry both in his native Denmark and in Britain.

In 1999 he started his own marketing consultancy in Bedford and soon after he got involved with Bedford Athletic Rugby Union Club (‘The Ath’) as a volunteer Commercial Manager. Using the techniques and skills acquired during his business career he started organising Danish Lunches, Ladies Lunches and Corporate Sevens rugby tournaments, to name but a few activities. Gradually the club became a more welcoming place whilst increasing its income.

When The Ath 1st XV played other clubs in the National Leagues Svend would share ideas and experiences with his counterparts at the opposing clubs.

He then also learned that there is little difference between different clubs and sports as how to attract new members and retain the existing ones, grow sponsorship revenue, increase your attendances, improve the social life of the club, increase media coverage, benefit from new technology and introduce new revenue streams etc.

He then decided to launch an organisation where community sports providers could share best practice on how to become vibrant, visible and viable…hence the Sports Marketing Network.

Apart from running SMN he enjoys life in wonderful North Yorkshire with his long-suffering wife, Hanne, and his Golden Retriever who, despite, getting on in years, has decided not to grow up.


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